Saturday 18 April 2015


Cherry Blossom in Copenhagen Denmark

Cherry blossom is now blooming in Bispebjerg Kirkegård, Copenhagen. We found out about this from a friend's facebook page. 

The sun was shining today. So we went there after our Little FECS' Chinese class. We were not disappointed. We walked under a whole sky of pink cherry blossom for a decent stretch of the path at the far corner of the Bispebjerg churchyard. 

For a moment, we felt like we were at the cherry blossom park in Tokyo... it was mesmerizing :-)

Here is the address:

Bispebjerg Kirkegård
Frederiksborgvej 125
2400 København NV

Opening hours:
7 am - 10 pm daily

Here is the map of Copenhagen where Bispebjerg is located:

Bus 66 (Direction: Emdrup Torv) and 6A (Direction:  Buddinge St.) go there from Copenhagen Central Train Station

Here is the map of Bispebjerg Kirkegård. The row of cherry blossom is highlighted in pink:

You can park at Bispebjerg Kirkegård for free. The parking lot is right inside the gate of the church yard. If you type Bispebjerg Kirkegård into your GPS, it will bring you right there to the gate, where you turn right into the carpark:

You can park your car near Støvnæs Alle 9, 2400 Copenhagen. This brings you right to the gate of the Cherry Blossom location without the long walk.

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