Monday 20 April 2015


J Summary (6Y1M12D) - Our Little FECS Kindergarten Final Year Leaving Report

Our Little FECS is soon graduating from his kindergarten. Last Friday, we had a closing meeting with the principal, who is also the form teacher for his class.

We have received very positive feedback of his progress for the last three years, from age 3 to 6:
(lest I come across as boasting, I will encrypt the text)

His kindergarten congratulated us for getting so involved in his life, for the time we invested in him, for exposing him to different activities, such as Montessori, music, etc. They could really see the results in him.

However, the Danish kindergarten principal cautioned that it is important that we are not too pushy, as parents can easily go overboard, and ending up frustrating their children. These activities should be pursued as long as our Little FECS enjoys them and wants them himself. This can result in rebelliousness in children.  (Our Little FECS is not rebellious, but we don't want that to happen).

To avoid that, the principal advised that it is important to achieve a good balance. As she self-reflected on her own kids, she sometimes wonders if she has achieved the balance. Her children gave up piano. Although it has been well for the last 6 years, it is still a balance. I am very grateful to the kindergarten for complementing my more structured Eastern approach with its more creative and free play Danish approach.

It is not easy to achieve a good balance and it kept me thinking how I can continue doing so, without being side-tracked. Here are my suggestions.

The excellent report we have received from the kindergarten made me very glad that I have made the decision of going part-time 1.5 years ago - it is all worth it. If I was in any doubt before, I am left without any doubt now :-)

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