Friday 10 April 2015


Versatile Vegetable Sticks

To save time, you can prepare the vegetables in advance and store it in the fridge

What to cook dinner? It is a question that I struggle with daily.

Vegetable sticks - this is a simple idea, that comes to the rescue, when I run out of ideas, one that I always try to have it available in my fridge. I got this idea from a good friend of mine, JS.

These vegetable sticks consists of basic carrots, red pepper bells and cucumber. Dip it into the classic Chinese dipping sauce, and  you have an easy, yet healthy and tasty way of meeting your vegetable intake for the day, without too much fuss and pressure. Finding it too troublesome to make the classic Chinese dipping sauce? You can also simply eat it with soy sauce or sasame sauce. It is full of vitamins from the raw goodness.

Many a day, it saves us from thinking about what to prepare for dinner, just team it with a meat on the side - oven chicken, roast beef, steam fish, etc. It is one of our family's favorite food. We usually included blanched broccoli along with it.

I normally cut these vegetables in the morning, place them in the container and keep it in the fridge. I will take some out, when I am making J's lunchbox. I will take them out, when it is dinner time. They are also good for lunch, or as toppings in sandwiches. These vege sticks are really versatile.

If I do not have time to prepare them in the morning, it doesn't take too long to cut a portion for dinner on the spot too.

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