Saturday 11 April 2015


J Summary (6Y1M6D) - Slowly Resuming Our Weekly Family Meeting Night...


Due to the recent events in our lives, we have not had our weekly family meeting for some time. I didn't have the energy for it. Daddy FECS and I are also sometimes too lazy. But Our Little FECS insisted on having Family Time.

So today we started off gently, just browsing a family photo album together to try to get back into momentum... You can read more about this here:

But our Little FECS wanted a full version of the WFMN, from ringing the bell to mark the start of family time to reviewing the family calendar, reading a book, performing on the piano, singing a song and ending with a short prayer and our family cheers. And of course with our signature avocado milkshake to go along :-).

It warmed our hearts. How long would our child ask for Family Time? One day, he would rather go out with his friends. We better treasure it, and have our weekly family meeting time, while it is still in demand.

So today, we started our journey of getting back into the regular routine of weekly family meeting night...

If you wish to know more about how to implement WFMN, ideas for WFMN and a sample WFMN schedule, the following are the links to my posts:

If you weary and giving up, here are some encouragements to cheer you to press on:

Here are some healthy homemade snacks and drinks to entice your family to come for the meeting :-)

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