Friday 3 April 2015


J Summary (6Y1D) - Celebrating J's 3 Years Old Born-Again Birthday

Our Little FECS accepted Christ on Good Friday when he was three years old on the 6 April 2012.  You can read more here:

This year's Good Friday fell on 3 April 2015. So today, we celebrated his three years old born-again birthday with token a piece of cake.

It was Good Friday and we just got back from Sweden. All of the supermarkets, cafes, etc. were closed, except for Cafe Piccaso. Thus, we bought this piece of cake, and it costed a little high (45 DKK), but tasted good.

As he accepted Christ at a very tender age of three years old, thus each year I will ensure that he had made a conscious decision to accept Christ. I would ask him if he knew what it mean to follow Jesus, and asked if he would still choose to do so. If he does, we will say the sinner's prayer together. Each year, as we celebrated his born-again birthday and I took the time to read him the story of Jesus' death and resurrection again, he confirmed that he has decided to be a Christian. That was sweet to my heart.

Our Little FECS making a birthday wish. I hope he wished for something for others.

Our Little FECS enjoying his cake, while I am assured that he made a conscious decision to accept Christ

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