Monday 27 April 2015


FDF Kgs. Lyngby Scout Group

This is the house of FDF Kgs. Lyngby scout group, which is just a stone throw from where we live, so it is super convenient

We talked about looking for a good Scouts group for our Little FECS. The weather was wonderful today and perfect for canoeing, so we decided to try out the FDF Kgs. Lyngby Scouts Group, who is going caneoing today. This is also the Scout group nearest to our home. They meet once a week on Monday from 5.30-7pm. 

This Scout group is blessed with a direct access to the river just straight from their garden. It also have many canoes. So it is super convenient for them to go canoeing, when the weather is nice. This Scout group has their own house and facilities, which is owned by Lyngby-Taarbæk county.
We canoed all the way to the open grass lawn near the Lyngby library. We got out of our canoe and the kids played catching. We got back to the Scouts hut, and all kids learned to clean the canoes with wet cloth - super :-)

It is a small group, but the youth leaders are very competent and caring. The kids are extremely lovely - very welcoming, caring and inviting. There was this girl of 8 years old, who took the initiative to talk to our Little FECS, held his hand and led him into the group. This other boy of the same age talked to our Little FECS, when we shared a canoe. Overall, I am left with a very positive impression of this group of children. There seems to be a good chemistry. They will be good peer influence. 

Unlike some of the other Scout groups, there are no kids from 0. grade, but only from 1. grade onwards. However, it may not necessary be a minus point.

Although it is a Christian-based Scout group, it seems to be only so by name. They did not start with an opening prayer nor end with a closing prayer. They did not sing any Bible kids songs, but it was also our first visit, so we could be wrong. 

Parents considering joining this Scout group are allowed to try out three times for free, before making a final decision. Our Little FECS enjoyed the canoeing activity, so we will definitely consider it. But he would like to visit a few more Scout groups, before making up his mind. Next week, they will be going for canoeing again. If the weather is nice, we will join them again.

I forgot to ask about the alcohol policy. I will do so next time.

Practical Information:

- FDF Kgs. Lyngby
- Christian-based - affiliated with Christianskirken Lyngby
- Meets every Monday from 5.30-7.30pm at Rustenborgvej 15A, 2800 Kgs. Lyngby near the main Lyngby library
- 500 kr/half year
- Equivalent to Boys Brigade
- Contact: Morten Jarlbæk Pedersen
- Tel: 5091 6268

Walking to the garden where the canoes are kept and where the river is

This scout group has many canoes and more canoes inside the canoe hut further down the sign "FDF"

The back of the scout house leading directly to the river and so super convenient for canoeing

This was the sweet girl who came over to talk to our Little FECS, held his hands and led him gently into the group... I was so touched and impressed with this group of kids

Our Little FECS learning how to canoe... did not quite succeed, but had a lot of fun

Our Little FECS really enjoyed cleaning the canoe...

And it seemed that all the kids too :-) In fact, they seemed to enjoy cleaning the canoe more than the canoeing itself... ha ha...

This is the sweet boy who stroke a conversation with our Little FECS, making him felt very welcome

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