Sunday 19 April 2015


New School Bag

Our Little FECS will be starting school this year. The official date is the first week of August 2015, but he will be saying goodbye to his kindergarten (sob sob) and joining the after school care (called SFO in Denmark) the first week of May 2015, before starting real classes in August.

We have been looking around for a school bag for him, but I did not find any I liked. When we back in Singapore for holiday in February, we found one that he liked from the Singapore Popular Bookshop. Our Little FECS is not really into Superman, Spiderman or other similar themed school bag. He does like McQueen, but such themed school bag tend to get dated and too childish very fast. The school bag that we bought from Singapore is very basic, simple and neutral. And it is very sturdy. I think it will last him for many years. Here is how it looks:

Here is how it looks inside. It has a large opening for the ease of placing books inside. It has a compartment for laptop or iPad too. There is a clear pocket on top for name label and home address, in case the school bag is misplaced. 

There are two side compartments for water-bottle for example:

The shoulder strips are made well-harnessed and for comfort. The overstitching are very strong. It is made heavy-duty to withstand the load, Singapore-style (the kids in Singapore has to carry a tons of books to school. I still remember that during my primary school days). 

The heavy-duty function is not required in Denmark, as I am not really sure if the kids bring many books to school here, but I will find out. Still it doesn't hurt to have a school bag that lasts.

We looked through many school bags in Denmark and Singapore, also the themed McQueen ones. I asked our Little FECS which one he likes. He ended choosing this one, which is also mommy's choice (aawww... my darling Little FECS). It comes in many different colors. I asked him which color he liked. We both ended up choosing the neutral navy blue. It is also a practical color and would not get so obvious when it is dirty.

This school bag costs 69.95 SGD (approx. 360 DKK or 52 USD) from Popular Bookshop Singapore.

This is how it looks on our Little FECS. I didn't manage to get a side view. Our Little FECS wasn't cooperating. 

The only "complaint" I have is that it looks a tad too big for the small frame of our Little FECS. But then again the Danish school bags sold here are huge too.

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