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Scouting in Denmark (Copenhagen)

A kind Danish ex-colleague/manager/friend from Singapore suggested me about Scouting for children, and I am so glad that she reminded me of scouts. I realised that our Little FECS is reaching the age for it. Scouting is good for character-building, teaches children to work well in team, to cultivate a good team spirit, to lead with service in mind. It teaches them life skills, survival skills and leadership skills. Most of all, it teaches them how to care and share with one another. There is great bonding and provides good peer influence, and would like kids to withstand negative peer pressure in life. And the best thing is that - it is done in such fun way! Making food over campfire, kayaking, hiking in nature... etc. The fun never ends. I am looking out for a Christian-based scout group, which also teaches Christian values and godliness. The good thing is that all Scouting associations are affiliated to churches in Denmark, but it is hard to find such a group in post-Christian Denmark. Many of them are Christian-based by name only and the extend that they sing children Bible songs, read from the Word of God varies widely. Prayerfully, I hope I will find the right one for our Little FECS. Below are the ones I have researched so far.

List of Danish Scouting Associations:

1. Lyngby Baptistspejder

- Most active Christian - Baptist DBS - blå - belong to Lyngby Baptistkirke
- Meets on Wednesday from 6-7.30pm at Odinsvej 1, 2800 Kgs. Lyngby
- 350 kr/half year
- Camp: 3-8 Jul
- Lyngby
- Contact: Anne-Mette Email:
- Near Engelsborgskolen
- photos -
- Seem more Christian
- Cheapest in terms of fee
- Small, may lack resources

2. FDF Kgs. Lyngby

- Christian-based - affiliated with Christianskirken Lyngby
- Meets on Monday from 5.30-7pm at Rustenborgvej 15A, Kgs. Lyngby 2800
- 500 kr/half year
- Equivalent to Boys Brigade
- Contact: Morten Jarlbæk Pedersen Tel: 5091 6268
- 50 members
- Existed for 60 years
- Science experiments
- Owns Lyngbyborg
- Nearest to us - Lyngby lake
- Its yard leads directly to the river, thus very convenient for canoeing
- It has many canoes
- Many photos -
- Small, may lack resources

3. Virum-Sorgenfri Gruppe

- Christian-based - KFUM - Grønne spejdere
- Meets on Wednesday at 5.30-7pm i spejderhytten Stalden lige bag Sorgenfri Kirke
- Hummeltoftevej 65, 2830 Virum
- Contact: Marie Storm Nielsen, Tel: 24 98 35 89, Email:
- 550 kr/half year
- Exists since 1960
- 60 children and 30 adults
- Makes gourmetmad over fire
- own hytte Filialen
- Seems quite Christian
- Not many pictures
- Not near - Virum-Sorgenfri

4. 3. Lyngby Gruppe

- Christian-based - KFUM - Grønne spejdere
- Meets Wednesday from 5-6.30pm at Chr. X’s Allé 106A
- 575 kr/half year
- Camp: 5-7 June, 1-8 August
- Contact: Søren Vilsøe Tel: 39 67 19 95/40 56 15 53 Email:
- 100 members - Largest in Lyngby
- Exists since 1939
- 3. Lyngby gruppe er en stor grøn spejdergruppe som er en del af KFUM-Spejderne i Danmark.
- Many scouts pictures and updated (
- Many well-trained leaders
- Gruppen har et stort og dejligt spejderhus ved navn “Spejderhuset Isflagen” som ligger i Lyngby, ikke ret langt fra Lyngby Station og Engelsborgskolen.
- Travel to Sweden and Greece
- Very near where we live - Lyngby
- Not many photos

5. Buddingespejderne

- Christian-based - KFUM - Grønne spejdere
- Meets on Monday from 6-7.30pm at Buddinge Kirke at Buddingevej 293
- 600 kr/half year
- Camp: 23-25 May, 25 Jul-1 Aug - Sweden
- Contact: Dorthe Olesen, Tel: 24 23 34 87, Email:
- Large group in Gladsaxe Kommune
- Pictures with lots of typical outdoor scouts activities -
- Volunteered in school
- Website looks very professional
- Lots of overseas trip
- Geocaching
- Help to set up scouts in Tunesien
- Value page talked about presenting the gospel for the children -
- Not near - in Buddinge

6. 1. Lyngby-Luntofte Gruppe

- Christian-based - KFUM - Grønne spejdere
- Meets on Tuesday and Thursday at 6-7.30pm at Baunen (Carlshøj) and Troldehøj
- 400 kr/half year
- Camp: 8-9 May, wk 27 or 28 Summercamp
- Seems a large group
- Near - DTU

7. Bagsværdspejderne

- Christian-based - KFUM - Grønne spejdere
- Meets on Thursday at 6-7.30pm
- Seems like a relatively large group
- Not much info on website
- Far - Bagsværd

8. KFUM-Spejderne i Hellerup, Kragefolket

- Christian-based - KFUM - Grønne spejdere
- Meets on Tuesday at 5.30-6.45pm at Hellerup Kirke
- 100 members
- Started since 1919 - One of the oldest groups in Denmark
- Har egne hytter i Nordsjælland, kanocenter og andel i en større sejbåd
- Far - Hellerup

9. Lyngbyspejderne

- Non-Christian (Den Danske Spejdere (DDS) - Blå spejdere)
- Meets on Wednesday at 6-7.30pm at Engelsborgvej 50
- 660 kr/half year
- 70 members
- Exists since 1911
- Near - Lyngby
- Non-Christian-based
- Most expensive


- DDS - De Blå Spejdere - Den Danske Spejdere - non-Christian, largest in Denmark
- KFUM - De Grønne Spejdere - YMCA - Den danske folkekirke (
- De Gule Spejdere - Off-spring from DDS
- DBS - Blå - Baptistkirken Spejdere
- FDF - Lyseblå - Frivilligt Drenge-og Pigeforbund Spejdere - Kristne - no uniform - don't practise "børn leder børn" does not belong to the international Scouts, but Boys' Brigade
- DMS - De Metodistspejderne - Methodistkirken
- DSS- Det danske spejderkorps Sydslesvig - et kristen krops på folkekirkeligt grundlag

Other Links

Before I list the Danish Scouting Associations, here are some interesting Facts and Figures about Scouts taken from the Singapore Scouts Associations:

Some famous Scouts in Singapore
  • Lee Kuan Yew (Former Minister Mentor)
  • Yong Pung How (Former Chief Justice)
  • H.E. S.R. Nathan (Former President of Singapore)
  • Ong Teng Cheong (1st Elected President of Singapore)
  • Goh Chok Tong (Emeritus Senior Minister)

Some famous Scouts from around the world

  • H.M. Adulyadej Bhumibol (King of Thailand)
  • King Carl XVI Gustaf (King of Sweden)
  • H.M. Juan Carlos (King of Spain)
  • Bill Gates (CEO, Microsoft)
  • Barack Obama (President of the USA)
  • Jacques Chirac (Former President of France)
  • Jean Chretien (Former Prime Minister of Canada)
  • Steven Spielberg (Famous filmmaker)
  • David Beckham (World’s highest-paid football player)
  • Sir Paul McCartney (Famous musician)
  • Michael Moore (Author/Filmmaker)
  • Sir David Attenborough (Naturalist/TV personality)
  • Mohammed Ali (Champion boxer)

More interesting facts

  • 26 of the first 29 astronauts
  • And 11 out of 12 people who have ever walked on the moon
… were involved with Scouting!

Additional Information:

I was just thinking about how I could get our Little FECS to be interested, when I realised that he was already on the very same day that I did my research and talked to him about it. He said that the brother of one of his classmates was there and he is a Scout. And he talked about all the fun things and very "grown up" thing they do. He showed our Little FECS the Scout knife, and our Little FECS was very fascinated with it. Prior to this, our Little FECS came across Scouting in the Donald Duck comic book that Daddy FECS read to him at bed time. And he already wanted to be a Scout. In fact, on the very day I introduced him the possibility of scouting, was also the day that he wanted to tell me he wanted to join Scout. What a perfect timing! I only have God to thank. It seems that He just made all things and prepare all things to fall in place... getting the suggestion from my friend... our son learning about Scout on parallel on his own...

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