Tuesday 21 April 2015


How to Teach Your Child to be Proud of His Background and Heritage?

Some children from non-Danish background living in Denmark can be ashamed of where they come from, and I am worried that this may also happen to J. Sometimes J complains about Singapore - too far away, too different from Denmark... But now my worries are laid to rest, for now :-)

How to teach your child to be proud of his background? I stumbled upon this idea by chance 

Ans: By showing your country to your child's friends from kindergarten.

We didn't plan it, but one of J's classmates' parents wrote to us that they coincidentally will be visiting Singapore during our visit to there February this year.

They asked if the boys could meet up in Singapore. 

So we made time for it and we met up.

We realised later that this is a fantastic way for J to feel proud of his country, of where he comes from... (ok, it is mommy's country. But hey, I consider J fully Singaporean and a part of his heritage.)

Below are some pictures of them playing together at the Far East Organisation's Children's Playground at The Gardens By the Bay.

It was also a chance for J to play host to his guest. J showed B the Chinese New Year market at Chinatown.

They had a lot of fun.

B's parents sent a picture postcard of the two of them to the kindergarten, and we got many positive feedback from the other parents and kids wanting to do the same :-)

His friend, B, really enjoyed Singapore. J and B have already made plans to meet again in Singapore next year. B's parents want to be back to Singapore for their yearly vacation again. So this may be repeated :-)

As for J, the interest B and his parents have for Singapore, that they are willing to travel so far to visit Singapore, certainly made J more appreciative of Singapore and more proud that his heritage. From then on, J no longer complains that Singapore is so far away, that it is too hot, that the food is too spicy, that he has to sit in the plane for hours. I have B's parents to thank for this :-)

Postcard sent by B's parents

J appreciating the Singapore's hot weather more, when he realises that his Danish friend loves it

J appreciates Singapore food more, as he sees that his Danish friend loves the Chinese fried rice :-)
J and B playing chess at Ding Tai Fung Chinese restaurant at MBS

Our visit to Singapore with B and his family

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