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How to Create a Table in Your Post in Blogger?

Besides text and picture, I have always wanted to be able to present data in a table format in my post. I found a post that teaches one how to create a table in your post in blogger:

Here is the link to the tableizer website:

Here is a sample table I have made using the above website:

Table: Montessori Materials Order of Introduction

No.MaterialsAge FromAge RangeCategoryNo Need to BuySubstitute
1.01Sandpaper0.50.5-1.5InfantxMake it yourself
1.02Imbucare Box w/Knitted Ball 0.50.5-1.5InfantxMake it yourself
2.01Rough & Smooth Board22-2.5SensorialxMake it yourself
2.02Sound Cylinders22-2.5SensorialxMake it yourself
2.03Smelling Jars22-2.5SensorialxMake it yourself
2.04Fabric Box22-2.5SensorialxMake it yourself
2.05Geometric Solids22-2.5Sensorial
2.06Tasting Bottles22-2.5SensorialxMake it yourself
2.07Mystery Box22-2.5SensorialxMake it yourself
2.08Knobbed Cylinders22-3Sensorial
2.09Pink Tower2.52.5-3SensorialxUse baby toy nesting boxes
2.10Brown Stair2.52.5-3Sensorial
2.11Knobless Cylinders2.52.5-3Sensorial
2.12Binomial Cube33-3.5Sensorial
2.13Trinomial Cube33-3.5Sensorial
2.14Color Box 33.53.5-4.5Sensorial
2.15Algebraic Trinomial Cube3.53.5-4Sensorial
2.16Red Rods3.53.5-4SensorialxNumber Rods
3.01Sandpaper Letters33-3.5Language
3.02Metal Insets w Tracing Tray44-4.5Language
4.01Fraction Skittles2.52.5-3MathsxCut-Out Labeled Fraction Circles
4.02Colored Bead Stair33-3.5MathsxDecanomial Bead Box
4.03Sandpaper Numbers33-3.5Maths
4.04Small Number Rods3.53.5-4Maths
4.05Spindle Box44-4.5MathsxMake it yourself
4.06Number Cards & Counters44-4.5MathsxUse ordinary counters
4.07Memory Game44-4.5MathsxMake it yourself
4.08Decimal Quantity Tray44-4.5MathsxGolden Bead Materials
4.09Large Number Cards44-4.5MathsxPrint them from the net
4.10Decimal System Tray44-4.5MathsxGolden Bead Materials
4.11Golden Bead Materials (50 units, 10 squares, 9 cubes)44-4.5Maths
4.12Bead Cabinet (Cubes, squares, chains)44-4.5Maths
4.13Constructive Triangles - Triangle Box44-5Maths/Sensorial
4.14Constructive Triangles - Rectangle Box44-5Maths/Sensorial
4.15Constructive Triangles - Blue Rectanlge Box44-5Maths/Sensorial
4.16Constructive Triangles - Large Hexagonal Box44-5Maths/Sensorial
4.17Constructive Triangles - Small Hexagonal Box44-5Maths/Sensorial
4.18Table of Pythagoras44-4.5Maths/Sensorial
4.19Decanomial Bead Box4.54.5-5Maths
4.20Teen Bead Hanger4.54.5-5Maths
4.21Teen Board4.54.5-5Maths
4.22Ten Board4.54.5-5Maths
4.23Hundred Chain4.54.5-5MathsxBead Cabinet (Cubes, squares, chains)
4.24Hundred Board4.54.5-5Maths
4.25Metal Fraction Circles4.54.5-5Maths
4.26Short Bead Chains (Squares)55-5.5MathsxBead Cabinet (Cubes, squares, chains)
4.27Thousand Chain55-5.5MathsxBead Cabinet (Cubes, squares, chains)
4.28Plus & Equal Symbol55-5.5MathsxMake it yourself
4.29Addition Board55-5.5MathsxMake it yourself
4.30Stamp Game55-5.5Maths
4.31Minus Symbol55-5.5MathsxMake it yourself
4.32Subtraction Board55-5.5MathsxMake it yourself
4.33Long Bead Chains (Cubes)5.55.5-6MathsxBead Cabinet (Cubes, squares, chains)
4.34Addition Snake Game5.55.5-6MathsxThe Elementary Negative Snake Game
4.35Addition Strip Board5.55.5-6Maths
4.36Addition Working Charts5.55.5-6Maths
4.37Subtraction Snake Game5.55.5-6MathsxThe Elementary Negative Snake Game
4.38Subtraction Strip Board5.55.5-6Maths
4.39Subtraction Working Charts5.55.5-6Maths
4.40Color Chips5.55.5-6Maths
4.41Multiplication Symbol66-6.5MathsxMake it yourself
4.42Multiplication Bead Board66-6.5Maths
4.43Multiplication Snake Game66-6.5MathsxThe Elementary Negative Snake Game
4.44Multiplication Working Charts66-6.5Maths
4.45Pythagoras Multiplication Board66-6.5Maths
4.46Division Symbol66-6.5MathsxMake it yourself
4.47Division Bead Board66-6.5MathsxLong Division (Racks and Tubes)
4.48Division Working Charts66-6.5Maths
4.49Small Bead Frame6.56.5-7MathsxLarge Bead Frame
4.50The Dot Game6.56.5-7MathsxMake it yourself with Excel
4.51Power of 2 Cube77-7.5Maths/Sensorial
4.52Power of 3 Cube77-7.5Maths/Sensorial
4.53Large Bead Frame77-7.5Maths
4.54Multiplication Checker Board7.57.5-8Maths
4.55Multiplication Decimal Checker Board7.57.5-8Maths
4.56Long Division (Racks & Test Tubes)7.57.5-8Maths
4.57The Elementary Negative Snake Game99-12Maths
4.58Decimal Fraction Board99-12Maths
4.59Cut-Out Labeled Fraction Circles55-5.5MathsxMake it yourself
4.60Introduction to Types of Angles99-12Maths
4.61Yellow Area Material99-12Maths
4.62Small Square Root Board99-12MathsxWooden Peg Board w Pegs
4.63Wooden Peg Board w Pegs99-12Maths
4.64Patterns of Square Root99-12Maths

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