Tuesday 12 April 2016


Orange, Carrot & Cabbage Juice

Serves 3 glasses


1. 3 carrots peeled and cut
2. 3 oranges peeled and cut
3. A handful of purple cabage
4. A handful of raspberries (optional, since we have in the fridge that we would like to use up)


Just juice them in a juicer, pour into glass and serve :-)

Additional Information:

Inspired by some of my friends, we started juicing vegetables such as kale and cabbage. The trick is to sweeten it with some other fruits, and it tasted heavenly :-)

It is still important to eat vegetables especially for the fiber, but we often don't eat enough of them to meet the daily recommended intake, so juicing is a good way to complete the vegetable consumption.

Hurom is a Korean cold-pressed juicer that works much more efficient than many other juicer, and is highly efficient. The pulp produced is really dry. We have thrown away our Phillips centrifuge juicer, as it doesn't extract the fruit and vegetables well, wasting a lot of our fruits, and the high heat from the centrifuge juicer oxidize the juice immediately. You could really see the difference. Thus, we are really happy with our Hurom juicer :-)

In this concoction, we used 1 carrot each and 1 orange each for the three of us, thus fully covering the daily recommended intake for vitamin A and vitamin C - see link below:



We bought the Hurom Elite Juicer HF2 in stainless steel presentation. It is also available in Amazon:

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