Sunday 10 April 2016


Vitamin C: Just 3 Strawberries (100g) A Day

Vitamin C

Do you know that eating just 3 large strawberries (100g) a day fully covers your daily vitamin C need (based on adult's need)?

Recommended daily intake: 90mg
  • The natural amount in breast milk (0-12 months old)
  • 15mg (1-3 years old)
  • 25mg (4-8 years old)
  • 45mg (9-13 years old)
  • 75mg (14-18 years old)
  • 75mg for women (19 years old & above)
  • 85mg for pregnant women
  • 90mg for adults (19 years old & above)
  • 120mg for breast-feeding women

Tissue repair, production of collagen, white blood cells, antibodies.


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