Friday 15 April 2016


LEGO 3842 Lunar Command

How to Play?

1. Basically, each player builds their own base using different white and coloured pieces- identical pieces cannot touch each other. You gain points for each astronaut (2 points) or robot (1 point) that you get inside your completed base. To complicate things, you can also place pieces to block your opponent getting astronauts/robots into their base! UFOs can also be moved under which astronauts can pass but not robots. You can also take over your opponents base by building more of your own coloured pieces into it than their coloured pieces.

2. Build your bases when you get a white square or coloured square on the dice - so for white its the sides and square bits and coloured bits are the other bits. Move the commander two spaces towards the space ship for every spaceman or robot that gets into any of your bases ! Dont build walls between bases as this is just annoying although you can extend if you want to cause a bit of blocking. Dont use the UFOs - again they are just annoying !

Two completely white sides of the dice in a row and a UFO gets to take away one of your robots - ie it goes against the person who gets the second white side, but maybe the better way is to have when you throw a second white side in a row you get to take away one of your opponent's robots or spacemen. And we had it that is you got three white sides in a row ! then the UFOs would destroy the whole game ! It added some excitement anyway.

3. The objective of the game is to get on the score track 11 points, which is obtained by astronauts (four in number + an orange and a green astronaut)! and robots (18 pieces) in his Raumstadtion that you can build from air locks, walls, stones and antennas on the stones you can put a dome of its color. The UFOs can move through a gray on the cube and the other player block building! With green or orange, you can put the airlock, the dome or the antenna of the appropriate color! By Yellow can vorrückken with a robot or astronaut four fields. And by know you can put a wall or a token into play. The dome but you can only put on a stone!

99.95 DKK from Boghandler next to IRMA.

Additional Information:

Overall, it is a good and fun game that promotes personal development. It is not recommended it for any younger than 8 years unless you simplify the rules greatly.

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