Tuesday 16 November 2010


Chinese Soya Ginger Chicken with Mushrooms/Kinesisk soja ingefær kylling med svampe/姜炒鸡[jiāng chǎo jī]

From Jannie's recipe

Serves 4


- Boneless chicken (500-700 grams)
- Chinese dried mushrooms (6-10 depending on wishes)
- Ginger
- Cooking oil
- Garlic
- Spring onions
- Chinese rice-wine
- Light soya-sauce
- Dark soya-sauce
- Salt or sea salt
- Pepper
- Oyster sauce
- Sesame oil

1. Cut chicken into slices. Marinade chicken with soya sauce, pepper, salt, rice wine, sesame oil and a bit of oyster sauce.

2. Wash and soak mushrooms for 30 mins until soft. Squeeze out the water, and cut mushrooms into thin slices.

3. Finely slice garlic and ginger.

4. Wash and cut spring onions into slices.

5. Heat 1-2 table spoons of olive oil, fry garlic until golden brown, add ginger, and fry until fragrant.

6. Add mushrooms and fry until mushrooms are crispy.

7. Add chicken, rice wine, salt and soya sauce. Fry until cooked. Add rice wine, light and dark soya sauce.

8. Add a cup of water and corn starch solution. Bring to boil make the thick.

9. Serve on dish. Sprinkle with spring onions. Ready to eat :-)

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