Saturday 27 November 2010


The Fantastic French Beans/Green beans/Haricots verts/四季豆[sì jì dòu]/青豆[qīng dòu]

My friend Anosha from my mother's group introduced me to Haricots verts. I prefer to serve this from 6 months, although some books says it can be served from 4 months.

Green vegetables are so important for its vitamins and minerals, and to create variety, I choose to introduce more than one type of green vegetables, and the green beans is an excellent choice.

1. Steam 1 packet of frozen haricots verts (500 - 650g) for 10 minutes until tender

2. Add 6 teaspoons of milk powder and 6 teaspoons of olive oil (optional but recommended)

3. Puree with blender

1. Cool down, pour into ice cube tray and freeze.

2. Once frozen, knock the cubes out and store them in freezer bags (makes 2-3 ice cube trays, can store up to 8 weeks)

Nutritional value:
Green beans are an excellent source of vitamin C, vitamin K and manganese. Plus green beans are very good source of vitamin A (notably through their concentration of carotenoids including beta-carotene), dietary fiber, potassium, folate, and iron. And, green beans are a good source of magnesium, thiamin, riboflavin, copper, calcium, phosphorus, protein, omega-3 fatty acids and niacin.

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