Saturday 20 November 2010


Invest in a dish-washer

Invest in a dish-washer if you do not have a domestic maid or use one-time use cutleries instead.

Dish-washer is not so common in Singapore, probably because most household have domestic maids. However, dish-washer is rather common in Denmark, probably for the same reason that domestic maids are not common here.

I am told that the dish-washer uses less water than if one is to manually wash the dishes... and you can imagine it definitely saves water for me, since I am notoriously known to be overusing water when washing dishes.

However, there is a disadvantage with dish-washer too. There should be quite a volume of dishes for washing before it is optimum to start the machine. Thus, it is more suitable for families with children. However, a dish-washer comes in very handy when having guests, since it is Danish culture to invite guests home for home-cooked food, and it is Danish culture not to use one-time use cutleries during such occasion. Typically a guest is allocated at least 4 glasses - a glass for water, a white wine glass, a red wine glass and a coffee cup. And if you have 6 guests, you will have 24 glasses to wash, without even counting yours!

When I first arrived Denmark and we hadn't gotten a dish-washer, I remembered staying up the whole night washing dishes and glasses together with Daddy after a dinner party!

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