Tuesday 16 November 2010


Singaporean/Malaysian Chinese Popiah

From Jannie's recipe

Serves 6-8

1. Popiah skin (1-2 packets of 30 pieces - 25 x 25cm each from Chinatown)
2. Bean curd (2-3 packets from Chinatown)
3. Yambean/White raddish (About 2kgs order from Chinatown)
4. Flat beans (a handful from Chinatown)
5. Beansprouts (1 packet from Chinatown)
6. Dark soya sauce (from Chinatown)
7. Bean sauce (1/4 – 1/5 bottle from Chinatown)
8. Chilli sauce (optional from Chinatown)
9. Ginger (2-3 slices from Chinatown)
10. Pork (Svine mørbrad eller hakketsvinekød about max. 10-12% fat or less) (1500grams)
11. Spring onions (2-4 stalks optional)
12. Pound peanuts (optional)
13. Cucumber (2)
14. Eggs (8-10)
15. Lollo Bianco lettuce
16. Fried Onions (ready made in 1 bottle)
17. Ginded oatmeal powder as thickener (tablespoonful)
18. Garlic (2-3 cloves)
19. Cooking oil
20. Light soya sauce
21. Salt, pepper & sugar (preferrably the healthier cane sugar)

1. Slice yam bean/white raddish into thin strips, put in pot and add water just sufficient to cover them. Add salt, pepper (and sugar and dark soya sauce for white raddish), and cook them for 5 hours (until the yam bean turns light brown). Stir frequently to avoid being burnt. Pour into serving dish.

2. Slice pork into thin strips and marinate with light soya sauce. Let the marinated pork stand for 30 mins. Chop 1-2 cloves of garlic. Add oil into frying pan, add 2-3 slices of ginger and fry until fragrant, then add the chopped garlic. Add in pork, dark soya sauce, salt and sugar. Add corn starch until sauce thickens. Simmer to low heat and serve in dish.

3. Beat 10 eggs, add salt and pepper. Add cooking oil on the pan, and scramble them into small tiny bits sizes. Serve in dish.

4. Cut bean curd into thin strips. Add oil into frying pan, fry chopped garlic until golden brown, add the bean curd and fry with salt until golden brown. Remove and serve in dish.

5. Cut flat beans into thin strips. Fry with cooking oil and chopped garlic. Add salt. Serve in dish.

6. Boil water and blanch over a bowl of bean spouts for 10 seconds, drain and serve in dish.

7. Soak lettuce leaves in water with 5% vinegar (to kill possible worms/germs), drain and serve.

8. Slice cucumber into thin strips and serve in dish.

9. Slice spring onions into thin strips and serve in dish (optional)

10. Pound unsalted peanuts. Serve in dish.

11. To make sauce: Pour 1 part bean sauce and 1.5 part water into a pot on medium heat, add lots of sugar and grinded oatmeal powder until sauce thickens and begin to boil, turn to low heat and remove. Blend in a blender if lumpy. Serve in dish.

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