Saturday 20 November 2010


How to steam food without using expensive steamers?

You don't have to buy those expensive multi-layers electric steamers.

Here are some cheap Chinese ways that I do to steam the vegetables and fish.

1. Place the "Chinese-Japanese steamer" in a pot. Place your vegetables in it. Fill the water in the pot to about 1 inch and you are already to steam. I bought this metal piece for steaming in Netto for 20 DKK.

2. You can also place the metal steaming rack in the pot as in the second picture.

3. You can also use the wok to steam food, especially ideal to steam fish, as it is big and spacious. The last picture shows you how to do it.

4. If you can't buy the metal steamer or steaming rack, simply put an inverted bowl into your pot, and place your plate of food on top for steaming :-)


5. You can also place a pair of chop-sticks in the wok to support the bowl of food you want to steam as suggested by my friend Karen Lim.

I learned all these tricks from my mother :-)

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