Friday 5 November 2010


J Summary (20M0D) - Could say "sove"

Language Development

Today during bed-time routine, J did something new. He pulled the comforter down to the floor, made the hand sign for sleep and said "sove" - asking me to lie down and sleep in Danish. So I lie down and covered myself with the comforter. Then he climbed all over me and laughing. Then I asked him to "sui jiao" - sleep in Mandarin, and he shook his head, meaning no. I got up, and he asked me to lie down and "sove" again. He wanted me to fall asleep, so that he doesn't have to sleep and could play in peace, without me bugging him - what a sly little creature he is!!!

After a few attempts, I decided to get serious. He got the message. I asked him to switch off the lights. He did as told, and switch off the lights himself.

Yesterday, the daycare teacher gave us feedback that J is saying more and more words now.

New Chores Assigned - Switching off lights

Today after shower, J automatically took his clothes for re-use and brought it back to his room. Daddy has taught him to bring the clothes that could be re-use back to his room. I must say, Daddy has done a great job, that J did it on his own, without me prompting :-) Actually I wanted to put some for washing, but decided to watch him and allowed him to do that. So, tomorrow, I shall retrieve those clothes and put it in the laundry bag.

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