Monday 3 March 2014


Create Your Own Unique Family Cheers

Have a Battle Cry that is unique yours and identifies you from other family. It may seems a little awkward, I know, in the beginning, but it will really help your young children to identify and be proud of their family. When they are older, they will have many good memories, and it will be very natural, since they grew up with this tradition.

For example, our short version is simply to put our hands together and say, "Hip hip hooray! Ng-Friis!"

Our long version is as follows which I got inspired during my NPCC school days. Not very unique, I know, but the most important thing is to have our own family cheers:

Who are we are who are we?
We are we are we are we.
Who are we?
We are we.
We are NX.
We are FXXXX.
We are the XX-XXXX.
Hip hip hooray! XX-XXXX!

What are the Benefits

It will foster a sense of belonging and identity, and help your children to be proud of their family.

When to use it?

In good times... use it to celebrate:

1. Use it after each board game with your family to celebrate the winners.

3. Use it after every match or performance by your child

For us, we use it (the short version) after every piano concert that j performed. If you are too embarrassed and wish for privacy, go to the bathroom with your child before the performance. Pray with your child and ends with your family cheers hands together.

4. Use it to end your weekly family meeting

5. During birthdays of the family members, end the evening with your family cheers.

6. When Daddy has a promotion or receive many extra months of bonus.

In tough times... use it to encourage:

1. Use it after each boardgame with your family to encourage the losers - for now, usually J.

2. When your child loses a match.

3. When Daddy loses his job.

4. When a family member has to go for an operation in the hospital.

It tells the family, no matter what, we are family. We will go through the good times and the bad times together.

Additional Information:
Since we introduced our family cheers last week, J has been practising our family cheers the whole week, but I forgot to end our Family Meeting yesterday with the Family Cheers :-( While, there is always a next time....

If you have a big family with more hands to go around, here is another idea of how to put your hands together:

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