Sunday 9 March 2014


Reflection: After 6 Months of Going Part-Time...

Working at Being a Professional Mom... means being an Intentional Mom.

Being an Intentional Mom means doing intentional research, intentional reading, intentional on-the-job training, intentional thinking and strategizing, intentional planning, organizing, directing and controlling (in short - all the 4 functions of business management), intentional continuous development, intentational thesis and dissertation writing... and making mistakes in the process (but this last point is of course not intentional :-P)... see in terms of the type of job requirements, there is NO difference from the skill and competency requirements of any other professions...

But the only difference is that doing ALL of these without any tangible rewards...

It is a profession that comes without any chances of promotion or pay increase or convocation of degree or provision of medical insurance or saving up of pension, but it comes with lots of fun... loads of it... at least for me :-) and I am enjoying every bit of it :-)

Join me, if you dare, at this business corporation of Being a Professional Mom :-)

It takes courage, LOADS of it, because you can die PENNYLESS (after all you have taken up a job that takes away your YOUTH bit-by-bit like any other jobs, but pays NOTHING financially in return, leaves you ETERNALLY financially dependent on your husband and adds you as a statistics to the technically UNEMPLOYED in your country).

So go in with your eyes open.

I can assure you, whether you are financially rich or poor, not many will dare after counting the costs  :-)

Given all these odds, climbing the corporate ladder is a much safer bet :-)

So why do I make such a "dumb" choice?

Because of a single-minded conviction and passion in the pursuit of being a Professional Mom. Because it gives me the greatest meaning to life (second to God). Because of a rock solid belief in our marriage and a complete trust in God. Nothing else. Full Stop.

To my Significant Other, 6 months have passed. You have not wavered - your courage, your love, your care for our home and your unwavering support that allowed me to follow my heart thus far filled me with thankfulness. I am not taking that for granted. J and I love you. You are the world's bravest Hubby and Daddy. :-)

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