Sunday 30 March 2014


J Summary (5Y0M25D) - Our Fifth Weekly Family Meeting Night (WFMN)

Daddy read about life for his grandfather under 2nd World War as narrated by his father

It's our 5th WFMN. I didn't manage to make any snacks for our WFMN this evening. So far, I have been leading for the last 5 family meetings. Praying that Daddy will one day take the lead for the family meeting too.

Weekly Family Meeting Night Agenda

Date: Sunday 30 March 2014
Time: 6.15-8.15pm (2 hours)

6.15-6.45pm: Review Family Calendar & Thanksgiving & Affirmation & Goal Setting (5 mins)

We rang the bell to indicate our family meeting time and opened with a prayer. We discussed next week's engagements and a couple of months ahead - Easter vacation and visit to Knuthenborg safari, friends to invite for dinner.

We each shared something that we are thankful for the week:
Daddy: Safe business trip to Berlin
Mommy: Thanksgiving for a good and sincere friend in Adrienne. Thanksgiving that sis has given birth safely to a baby boy.
J: Successful treatment with his right nose. Found back his sticker book.

6.45-6.55pm: Set Goals for Next Week (5 mins)

We did not set goals for this week past - we forgot.

Next week's goal:

We each set a goal for next week:
Daddy: Private :-)
Mommy: Read 1 chaper of The Spark: A Mother's Story of Nurturing Genius and Autism
J: Be a sweet and a good host to his playdate Askel

6.55-7.00pm: Talent Show (5 mins)

J performed "Kære Sol" for us on the piano.

7.00-7.30pm: Short Lesson (30 hour)

Daddy read aloud one section on second world war in the book "Mit livs mosaics" about farfar's childhood.

7.30-7.45pm: Short Lesson on ABC Bible Book (15 mins)

I read the ABC Bible Verses book aloud - Letter L - Let your light shine before man. I am not sure how much he listened as he wasn't very serious or attentive, but I can only commit to God. I will continue to pray and adjust accordingly and not to give up. Praying that God will work on the heart of J and that He will give me the wisdom on the heart training of J.

Today's story was about a boy named Tommy shoving Bill. Bill got angry but remembered to let his light shine before man. So he told Tommy that it is not right to fight, that he would not fight with Tommy and that Jesus would not want people to fight. As I read this story, J asked me what "shoved" meant and told me that a boy in kindergarten pushed him away and refused to let him join in the play. So we went through what the right thing to do would be. The right way to react is as the boy, Bill, in the story did. So we practised with J how to tell the boy in his kindergarten that he would not want to fight and that it is wrong to fight. If we hadn't read this story, J wouldn't have told us his encounter at the kindergarten. So a thanksgiving to God. We ended with a prayer. I now know where I should concentrate my prayer on.

This is a very good book in terms of teaching children moral, ethics and how to lead life as a human being. You can find it in Amazon:

We closed with a word of prayer, that I will be sensitive to observe what J's interests lie, and also my nieces and nephews interests. It is only by nurturing a child's interests that the child can reach his/her full potential, as I read from the book "The Spark: A Mother's Story of Nurturing, Genius and Autism."

You can find this book from Amazon:

We didn't sing any song from the song book nor end with our family cheers. Firstly because I forgot. I forgot, because we ran out of time.

7.45-8.15pm: Fun Time (30 mins)

I promised J that he could watch a video today, but we did not have the time in the afternoon, as he was busy planting vegetables and flowers with Daddy. So this evening, we did not play any boardgame, but watched a kid's DVD instead at the request of J.

Here were our first four experiences with WFMNs:

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If you weary and giving up, here are some encouragements to cheer you to press on:

Here are some healthy homemade snacks and drinks to entice your family to come for the meeting :-)

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