Monday 3 March 2014


Have a Bag for Each Class

To manage our busy and hectic life with young children, it helps to have a system that will work like clockwork without too much thinking each time.

For us, I find it helpful to have a bag for each activity that J goes ot. It requires only 2 steps.

2 Steps

1. Have a Bag for Each Class

Have a bag for each class and always packed so that it will be ready to go. For J, it will be:

1. Chinese class
2. Sunday's piano class with Kati
3. Monday's piano class with Kathrine
4. Football
5. Swimming

2. Inculcate Good Packing Habit

Thereafter, inculcate good packing habit in your child so that things are always returned to the respective bag after each use. For J, for example, it will be:

Whenever J does his Chinese homework, he will take the material out from his Chinese class bag. Whenever J finishes his Chinese homework, he will place the material back to his Chinese class bag.


This system requires that one to invest in more than one bag, but one can scout for good bargain at thrift stores.

The only thing is finding the space to store them. Tou don't have to store them all at the same place. For example, the piano bag is placed beside the piano. J's Chinese class bag is placed beside his writing desk. The football bag is placed in the cupboard. The swimming bag is placed in another cupboard. With a little creativity, it may be possible to find small corners for each of them at home.

Here are our bags for swimming, Chinese class, piano and football respectively

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