Friday 14 March 2014


The Solar System

Our finished work :-)
We are learning about the solar system. Today was my day off (now that I am working part-time) and J had been asking me to do this activity, which I could not find a full lot of time. 
1. We start by making a mobile of the solar system:
We sat down and started this - making a mobile of the solar system and painting the solar system. It is a great way to learn about the solar system:

Painted from 15 March 2014

2. Along with it, you can start with an introduction to the solar system with a book:
3. Sing a song on solar system:
The Solar System Song


4. Watch some videos on solar system:
The Solar System
Viedo from National Geographic:

The Sun










5. You can also draw the planets and sort them into rocks and gases:

You can get the Solar System Mobile Kit from Amazon:

More links and resources on solar system for children:

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