Monday 31 March 2014


Homemade Strawberry Ice-cream

Make 600ml ice-cream, serves 4-6

- 1 cup (240ml) fresh milk
- 100ml whipped cream (36% fat)/piskefløde
- 1/4 cup (60ml) maple syrup or (90g) brown sugar
- 200g strawberries
- 1 TBS lemon juice
- 1 fresh vanilla bean (optional)


1. Place a bowl in ice-water and let it cool down.

2. Pour whipping cream into the bowl and whip the cream with a hand-mixer until it turns thicker.

3. Pour milk into a container, add in vanilla, strawberries, lemon juice and brown sugar, and stir until dissolved or blend in mini baby blender for 30 seconds.

4. Add the strawberries mixture to the whipping cream and gently stir the mixture while keeping the form as it is (it doesn’t have to be even at this moment).

5. Pour in the mixture into the ice-cream maker. In about 20 minutes, the mixture will gradually become smoother in the ice-cream maker. It is ready to be served. If you like the ice-cream firmer, place the ice-cream in the freezer for an extra 1 hour.

Additional Information:
Yesterday, J had been wanting to experiment with making ice-cream. I am off work today, and J asked that he could stay home instead of going to the kindergarten. Ice-cream is not the most healthy food, but it is cozy and fun to make together once in a while, and it is nice to do something your child looks forward to. Before we started making ice-cream, I asked him, what he think ice-cream is made.

He said take apples, cut them into small pieces, freeze them and blend them and bravo - you get ice-cream :-) Not quite right. Then he said ice-cream is made from blending ice. Not quite right too. I told him that that way of making is more like making ice-cachang, a type of Singapore dessert, but not make ice-cream. It was very exciting and lot of fun for him to see how ice-cream is made. So this morning, we had a date together - we went to shop for the ingredients together and then we went home to make ice-cream. It was a memorable and fun day together. I am learning to have fun with J (yes, being an Merlion mom and I think most Merlion moms are not so good in having fun with our kids compared to American moms. We are better at doing assessment books with our kids and sending our kids to enrichment classes - that comes more natural to us), but I am slowly learning, and I thank God for the opportunity and the luxury of time to do this together with J. Indeed we are very blessed to have such simple joy.

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