Saturday 15 March 2014


LEGO Junior Robotics Course

2 January 2014 (4Y9M27D) - LEGO robot built by J

While we were back to Singapore in January, J took a course on LEGO Junior Robotics from My 1st 3D at Pomo Singapore.

You can read more about them here:

Age: From 4-8 years old

Key Learning Values:
1. Learn to program a robot
2. Brainstorm to find creative alternative solutions
3. Experiment using variables
4. Record observations like time and distance
5. Use mathematical skills like adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing and estimating
6. Use feedback to adjust a programming system

Additional Information:
The LEGO robotics course is multi-faceted - it encompasses the 5 components essential for problem-solving: imagine, design, build, program and testing

It is also is multi-sensorial - it uses the senses of touch, hearing and sight when children build their models, suiting J's age.

According to the company, this is a starter course for children with no robotics experience. Children are brought into the world of science and technology with LEGO Education WeDo sets to design and build their own robots and be introduced the basics of robotics. Children then apply their problem-solving skills when presented with a problem, a must know in today's society.

We were very pleased with it and J had great fun and learning experience with it. We wish that Denmark has something like that.

Below are some videos and pictures from the course:

Updates 16 May 2014: Our LEGO Robotics arrived the day before. J could not wait to build a model with Daddy the following day. J chose an alligator that can bite when you throw something into its mouth. J built it mainly by himself with supervision from Daddy.


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  1. Hi Ms FECS,

    You may refer to for online robotics lesson.
    You can also email if you have enquiries.

    Thank you.


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