Sunday 9 March 2014


J Summary (4Y11M25D) - Dislikes Cakes and Cookies

I think the healthy eating habits that I have instilled in J from babyhood has paid off.

He wanted to eat cakes and cookies, but when he ate a cake, he could not finish it, and often complained that they were too sweet.

He wanted to have cookies at the fellowship hall after church, but always to save it until he reaches home.

And today, he saved it again. I asked him why. He said that it was not nice.

I told him that I also don't like cookies. Usually after eating it, I feel bad in my stomach and had headaches from the sugar shots. He said that that was actually how he felt after eating cakes and cookies - just didn't feel good.

So J and I took this cookie and throw it into the dustbin.

I think he learned his lesson - not to take any more cookies and waste them next time.

And what about the dino cake we baked for him for his birthday? He loved it. It was only for the eyes and the heart, and not for the stomach. Honestly, it was just for decoration, for pure fun and for love. It was too sweet to eat - full of sugar and butter. I saw it for myself how it was baked. I could not take a single piece. Daddy did not take a single piece of the cake he baked too. We still have half of it left.

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