Thursday 28 April 2016


A Letter to Pa

Dear Pa

We are organizing the nursery for baby, and preparing faces for baby to see and for baby to know her grandparents. I took this picture out and my heart is filled with gratefulness and heartache at the same time. When J was born, you were able to be here to share the joy. You will not be here this time... sob sob... But we will still keep your picture for baby to know you, and for us to remember you. You will continue to live in our hearts, and I know that you are safe and joyful in the embrace of Jesus our God.

Even though one year has passed... the heartache and sorrows never leave us. As our hearts are filled with the cries of the sorrow of experiencing departure and death, I know God understands. The joys and sorrows of life, God understands. God went through death and the deepest sorrows. God came through victorious.

Like what the Queen of Denmark said, "I will not fear death, for Jesus has already walked there before me."

God came as man, went through death personally, and came out alive, so that we all can live.

Dear Pa, you are dearly missed. Even as we welcome a new life, we humble ourselves as humans. I am so glad that You have chosen God as the God of your life.

Most importantly, I am so grateful that God has chosen to be our God. We have nothing, absolute nothing at all, to offer God. So often, looking at the state of this world, we offer God only heartaches from the atrocities men committed daily. Undeserving as we are, yet God has chosen to accept us, agree to be our God and to give us eternal life. What life abundant already here on earth. Dear Pa, I am comforted. You are at a better place, safely in the loving hands of our loving God. But you are dearly missed here... especially on this occasion.

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