Tuesday 26 April 2016


Let Picnic Blanket Double-Up as "Carpet" for the Baby's Room

There is no need to buy expensive carpet for Baby's room. We were searching for suitable baby carpets, but didn't find any tha is suitable, not to say that they are all super-duper expensive. Suddenly it don on me that we could use our picnic blanket. It is also easy to wash, keep clean and maintain. And Baby will out-grow it soon, and before you know, she is a teenager. When that happens, we simply keep it away and replace it with one that our teendage girl would prefer.

We have an adult carpet below, and we simply place the picnic blanket on top. This helps to prevent the blanket from slipping away, compared to a real proper carpet. Thus, with that this issue is solved.

If you don't have an existing carpet below, you can use a slip-proof under layer.

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