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How To Organize Baby's Nursery Room?

We will continue to aim at keeping it simple and live in a modest space housing, so that is why we love our space-saving Brio compact changing station so much. 

It is fixed above the toilet-seat. It has served us well since J's time, and converted to a cabinet for other purposes, and now converted back to serving as a changing station again :-)

Side view

It is large enough and yet compact enough to contain everything we need... baby's bodies, pyjamas, stockings, baby's toy to keep her occupied during diaper change, muslin clothes, diapers and baby care products on the top shelf.

Here is a close-up. I have almost forgotten how to organize the baby changing station. Here is learning from J's time. Now I will take a picture to remember so that I can easy set this up again, when it is time for me to take care of our grand kids :-)

Bath tub to bath the baby

Hang a mobile above the changing station if possible. When choosing a mobile, it is important to choose those facing down at Baby, not facing you. Many of the expensive and cute mobiles are  alas, not facing Baby, but facing you, which defeats the purpose.

Joshua loved to look at the fishes' eyes looking down at him. This mobile was from IKEA and so cheap and so effective, that we kept it till today.

Baby loves to look at human faces. Paste faces along the changing station. For example, here we pasted pictures of J for Baby to look at.


You can do so on both sides of the changing station.


Baby loves to look at the faces of Mommy & Daddy too :-)

Rotate and change the pictures. We pasted picture of the face of Daddy FECS for Baby to look at.

Let Baby look at faces of her grandparents


Let Baby look at faces of farfar and farmor

Baby loves to see pictures from nature too :-) Here is a picture of Margarita flowers that we have taken pasted along the changing station.

This is new, I am placing a panel book on the side. I didn't do so during J's time. We always learn more and more, isn't it :-)

Place black, white and red color patterns panel along Baby's crib for Baby to look at.

This is another one of the "face-down" mobile that J loved as a baby

The crib

Flat Head Prevention Pillow

When Joshua was a baby, I spent a lot of effort, making sure to turn him from side-to-side as he slept to prevent flat head. It has been pretty successful. Today, he doesn't have a flat head. Oh well, just a little bit...

I did not find him a flat head pillow then, but now I am doing for Baby, so that during those times I do not manage to turn her head, I hope it will help.

Not sure how useful it is, but just trying it out.

This is available from Amazon:

Here is how our Baby's room looks like. Actually Baby doesn't need so many toys in the first months, but I have displayed them out, as I know I will get busy, when Baby arrives. Here are my favorite developmental toys with J, when he was a baby.

Let Picnic Blanket Double-Up as "Carpet" for the Nursery

There is no need to buy expensive carpet for Baby's room. We were searching for suitable baby carpets, but didn't find any that is suitable, not to say that they are all super-duper expensive. Suddenly it don on me that we could use our picnic blanket. It is also easy to wash, keep clean and maintain. And Baby will soon out-grow it. Before you know, she is a teenager. When that happens, we would simply store it away and replace it with one that our teenage girl would prefer.

We have an adult carpet below, and we simply place the picnic blanket on top. This helps to prevent the blanket from slipping away.

If you don't have an existing carpet below, you can use a slip-proof under layer.

One essential item is the CD player in the nursery room. You can also use iPod. No TV though.

If you have a musical box, it is handy to have it in the nursery room. Display it within reach, so that you won't forget to use it.

Organizing Baby's clothes

Close-up: You will see that the first shelf is rather empty. This is because we have brought over some of the Baby's first clothes to the changing station.

Organized by age

Updates: Here is how I organized the hats, mittens, socks, shoes and swim-wear

Bath toys take up space. I got this idea from the Baby center. Store them in a net, and let dry by hanging the bag in the bathroom.

When they are dry, we hang it behind the bathroom's door.

Here is our pram, all ready - almost :-) I am taking a picture of it, while it is still brand new, and before we got way too busy, when the baby arrives, so that when we want to sell it after our baby has outgrown it, we will have a picture. This is learning from J's days.

Place sensory cloth panel along the inside of the pram for Baby to look at. It will also encourage Baby to turn her head, and in so doing, prevents flat head.

Hang Lamaze sensory toy on pram

A diaper-changing bag

Diaper Changing bag for Daddy FECS.

Converts into...

Double up as a diaper changing station during emergency or a travel crib.

It is also available from Amazon:


5 May 2016: Getting the safe cozy corner (playpen) ready downstairs between the dining table and the kitchen so that baby could see, hear and follow and be a part of the family.

5 May 2016: Hanging a Lamaze developmental toy in the baby's cozy corner.

5 May 2016: Some people asked, why set up the play pens so early. A newborn can't even crawl yet.

5 May 2016: The cozy corner was set up right from day one, as it is easier if baby grown accustomed to it from day one. It may be to late to put baby in the safe cozy corner, only once she started crawling, as she would protest about the change.

We added the crib book on the side.

The cozy corner is set up near window so that baby can gaze up at the trees (the leaves have not come out yet)

5 May 2016: Here is where the gate can be opened and closed.

5 May 2016: We got the activity gym out. I prefer the Tiny Love Deluxe Activity Gym compared to all other soft gym.

I also like to put a "hard" gym such as this for baby. This is super-convenient to move around.

We added in a mattress in the Nursery Room from Jysk in case I am too tired nursing sitting up, I could lie down and nurse. Here is how it unfolds...

We also added in a Winnie-The-Pooh night light that we bought from ToyRUs (this picture is not ours, but the manufacturer)

Additional Information:

Hurray, after completing a super challenging project at work within deadline and exceeding expectations, in time before I go on leave - Praise the Lord for His blessings and His perfect plan for all that went well at work and for every step of the way that God has been with me at work!!!

Boss was super happy when we said good-bye and I am finally off from work and starting my first day maternity leave today :-) Looking past the last few months, I can only say that God is so good, and I am so grateful and undeserving.

Now getting busy with organizing the nursery. Organizing... that is what I love to do most :-) Can't wait to indulge in my hobby of organizing, now that I am once again saying good-bye to corporate career for the next 1.5 year :-)

Truly no regrets. What I learn from J is that Baby grows up at lightning speed. My career MAY never come back, but what is for sure is that kids once grown, the period of childhood WILL never come back.

If I did have any regrets looking back, it is why I chose to go back to work so soon, after J was born.

Gosh how much I have forgotten, since J was a baby. So here are pictures for memory, and also to prepare myself as grandmother in time to come, so that I won't forget years down the road... :-)

Our nursery is not so fanciful as those shown in pinterest. I focus more on the practical and the baby developmental aspects. I want it to be functional, easy to maintain, and not horrendous in cost.

As you have probably guessed it, we are expecting a baby girl :-)

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