Thursday 7 April 2016


Montessori Activity: Homemade Imbucare Box with Knitted Ball

Age: From 6 months old

Objective: Object permanence

Additional Information:

I like this idea. I am still contemplating if I should buy it or if I should make it myself for our new baby.

Updates 20 April 2016:

I have made my own using a large match box. The match box can be bought from IRMA supermarket for 14.50 DKK per box:

Wrap the match box up with a neutral paper, cut a circle in the middle and viola, here is our homemade Imbucare Box with Marble Ball :-) I have just saved 15 USD after deducting the cost of the match box :-)

I attached a string as drawer opener (optional): 

Also available from Amazon:

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