Wednesday 27 April 2016


Reflections on the Danish Play Dates...

I have slackened a lot with play dates, since I started working full-time in January, basically back to none-existent. Never understood what is so fun and exciting about play dates that the Danish kids are crazy about. I never have play dates with my classmates as a child growing up in Singapore, and I have never missed it.

Since starting maternity leave yesterday, I have finally pulled my socks together and started to arrange play dates, partly because I have owed so many parents play dates for their children that I could no longer look into their eyes when I drop J in school in the morning without feeling embarrassed. So now trying hard to pay back, before the baby arrives (baby, please don't arrive yet!)

It was amazing how thrilled the Danish kids are with play dates. This morning, J's classmates flocked to J like bees to honey. They all wanted to hold J's hands. It is a sure way to shoot your child up the popular chart, if not to prevent bullying, if you arrange play dates for your child with his classmates.

No wonder Danish parents put so much efforts on play dates, and even those who work full-time manage to carve their time out for play dates - kudos to them, I simply couldn't match up in this department.
If I am able to pick J up on-time before the school closes, it will be a big achievement for me :-) Thus, I am really happy that I will be staying away from work for the next 1.5 year, so that I will have the energy to arrange play dates... hopefully :-) Yes, play dates will be expensive for me, it comes as a trade off from my full-time work.

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