Thursday 28 April 2016


J Summary (7Y1M23D): J Dropped His First Tooth on 26 April 2016 (7Y1M21D)

This is what I placed in the package given by the "Tooth Fairy": A card to remind him to brush his teeth well from now on, since he will not get a second chance with a new set of teeth, a piece of chocolate and 20 kroner, 10 kroner for each tooth. 

28 April 216: J lost his first teeth 2 days ago (26 April 2016 - 7Y1M21D, and lost his second one yesterday. 

But he was so sad, he almost lost the souvenir, when he dropped the second tooth in the kitchen sink. Cried and cried, and then suddenly, we found it on the floor.

Isn't God good? God allowed him to drop his tooth on the floor, so that it didn't go down the sewage.

28 April 216: He was very excited about a visit by the Tooth Fairy.

He said he doesn't believe in Tooth Fairy. Tooth Fairy is just parents in disguise. Nevertheless, he wanted a visit from tooth fairy.

This morning, the Tooth Fairy visited, and he was very happy.

I asked him whether he believed in Tooth Fairy. He said yes.

I asked him, whether he knows how Tooth Fairy looked like. He refused to say. I bet, he knew how the Tooth Fairy looks like. She looks like me, of course :-)

A friend of mine told me how she realized that her baby has grown up, when she dropped her first tooth. I could really identify with her. That was how I felt, when Joshua brought home his tooth from school. Sob sob... our children are growing up so fast :-(

It is a new milestone that we are embarking on... we have to treasure our motherhood...

Dear God, thank you for the joy of family and the health and time to enjoy it.

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