Saturday 16 April 2016


Fraction Action Lotto

Age: from 6 years old

The Fraction Action Lotto board game. It consists of 4 boards for 4 players:

It has different formation of fractions from 1 whole to 1/10:


Here is how you play:

Additional Information:

I almost did not notice, but I saw that many of the fractions game are for 6+ years old. Thus, J (7Y1M11D) is old enough to learn about fractions now, and I haven't really started into exploring fractions. We did do some simple lessons on fractions last year though.

It was raining today. We could not go and see the cherry blossom. So we decided to play the Fraction Action Lotto board game instead. Initially, he wasn't keen, but as we started, he actually had a lot of fun. We learned the fraction terminology in Mandarin, and this game is a good practice for him. I won him by completing my lotto just 1 piece ahead of him, so we were very very close, but I was the lucky one to find all my cards :-)

The next time, we will play by matching equivalent fractions :-)

We bought this fraction board game from Amazon:

16 April 2016 (7Y1M11D): Playing Fraction Action board game for the first time with mommy :-)

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