Tuesday 7 December 2010


Banana Ice-cream/Banan Is/ 香蕉冰淇淋[xiāng jiāo bīng qí lín](

Idea from Kim Nielsen

- 1 ripe frozen banana *
- A handful of cashew nuts or walnuts (optional)

* When you freeze banana, remove the skin first. Frozen banana taste siimilar to ice-cream. So it is a good way to "save" over-ripe bananas.

Blend all ingredients and serve immediately or pour into popsicle container and freeze for minimum 2 hours

Additional Information:
End of this month, J's daycare is going to have a once a year "Plant A Seed" day, where each child will plant a seed, and at the same time be treated to an ice-cream, which they can later use the ice-cream stick to write their name and stick beside their plant.

I have been cracking my brain on how I could delay the introduction of ice-cream into J's life as long as possible, now that he is in day care and exposed to the world.

Then I thought of making my own "ice-cream" as substitute. It doesn't have to taste like ice-cream, as long as it looks like one. Just the good thing about this recipe is that it does taste very much like ice-cream. I bought the ice-cream sticks from a hobby store. Thus, J gets his healthy ice-cream, along with the ice-cream stick, like all the other children and can join in the fun on the planting day :-).


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