Friday 3 December 2010


Remember to go on a date with your spouse on a regular basis

In the book BabyWise, the author Gary Ezzo suggests to go on a date together once a week as you did when you were in your courtship. If it is too much for a start, try to go on a date once a month or once every three months and work it up from there.

For my Significant Other and I, we aim to eventually go on a date once a week, alternating between playing tennis together and going to a restaurant or to the cinema together.

But going on a date with your spouse can be difficult for families with kids. Here are some possible solutions:

1. Get your parents or in-laws to babysit the kids.

2. Take turns with other couples to babysit one another’s kids.

3. Pay a student to babysit the kids.

4. Pay your niece and nephew to babysit the kids.

5. Get your older kid to babysit the younger kids.

6. Take one day leave from work, but leave your child at the daycare.

7. Enrol your child in a class such as swimming classes and go on a date with your spouse while your kids are with the instructor.

What can you do during a date?
1. Try out new hobbies together. For us, it is tennis at the moment.

2. Go on a candle-light dinner at a restaurant together. My Significant Other and I got our first chance to go on a date to a Japanese restaurant, thanks to my sister and her friends who offered to babysit J when we were in Singapore.

3. Go for a drink together at a lounge (we got this idea from my sister who got this idea from her in-laws :-))

4. Check out a new café together.

5. Go for a walk together.

6. Go to the cinema together.

7. Our next door elderly neighbours, Niels and Merete, like to check out art galleries together.

8. One of our couple friends, Angeline and John, went on a cruise together

9. Try out some of the ideas in the book called “101 Ways to Romance Your Marriage” by Debra White Smith

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