Friday 3 December 2010


Japanese Sabu Sabu

The word "sabu sabu" means to stir the food with the chop-sticks.

This is an easy dish to make in that you only require the raw ingredients as below and just cook it in the "steam boat" pot. But it is time-consuming to cut all the ingredients into slices, and then cook it in the pot in different serving.

It is normally enjoyed in a social gathering setting, which makes it fun to cook the ingredients together and not so much as a meal for an individual.

This is a popular dish in Singapore during Chinese New Year, and in Singapore, we call it "Steam boat" instead of "Sabu Sabu". In northern China, it is called "hot pot".

Consists of small plates of:
1. Thinly sliced sirloin beef
2. Thinly sliced sirloin lamb
3. Slices of cod fish or threadfin
4. Slices of squids
5. Tiger prawns
6. Baby spinach leaves
7. Broccoli florets
8. Slices of carrots
9. Chinese cabbage (Kinakål)
10. Red pepper bells
11. Spring onions
12. Capsicum
13. Leeks
14. Glass noodles
15. Crack in an egg (optional)
16. Slices of mushrooms (optional)
17. Enoki mushrooms (optional)
18. Japanese sesame sauce
19. Japanese soya sauce

1. With such a big spread, it is definitely sufficient on its own already. However, in Singapore, when it is something special such as the yearly Chinese New Year Reunion Dinner, where a large number of guests are served, it will be accompanied by some side sides such as curry (Japanese curry would be my favourite), stir-fry lamb with leeks and dumpling served with classic Chinese sauce or home-made chilly sauce.

2. To make the stock or broth for the steam boat soup base, boil some pork bones.

1. Pour water or stock into the steam boat.
2. Add in the desired ingredients when the water boils, and stir the ingredients until cooked. Enjoy :-)

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