Saturday 4 December 2010


Fast Peking Duck/Pekingand/烤鸭[Bei jing kǎo yā]

Here's a quick way to "make" Peking duck for a quick dinner: I bought the ready roasted duck from Chinatown in Copenhagen (80 DKK for half duck or 160 DKK for whole duck). I also bought the frozen pastry to wrap the duck from Chinatown and just thaw it in the microwave before dinner.

I de-bone the duck, and use the bones to make soup. I added Chinese cabage, green peas and caixin into the soup. J LOVED everything - the duck, the soup and ate all his vegetables in the soup too!!! We ate the duck - Peking duck style today - pieces of duck, thinly sliced cucumber and spring onions wrapped with the Peking duck pancakes - yummy!

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