Saturday 4 December 2010


Double Chaos/Dobbelt Kaos/双乱[shuāng luàn]

Serves 2

Preparation & Cooking Time: 30 minutes

- 200g raw salmon
- 100g salmon egg roe
- 1 ripe avocado diced
- A handful of baby spinach
- 2 sheets of Japanese toasted seaweed (cut up into small pieces)
- 1 small bowl of brown or white champignon mushroom diced (optional)
- 1 red capsicum (optional, for the colour)
- 1 cup Japanese rice
- 1 cup brown rice (healthier option, but if you prefer, you can also substitute this with Japanese rice)
- Half a small rice bowl of Japanese sushi vinegar
- Half a small rice bowl of Japanese sake (optional)
- 2 TBS of brown sugar

1. Wash, rinse and cook rice in 3 parts water in an automatic rice cooker (takes about 20 minutes). In the meanwhile, chop all other ingredients up.

2. Once done, switch power off rice cooker. Mix in vinegar, sake and sugar in the rice bowl and mixed into the cooked rice in the rice cooker. Let stand for 5 minutes covered.

3. Scoop rice into a big soup bowl. Sprinkle all the other ingredients on top of the rice and enjoy it with Japanese soya sauce, wasabi, Japanese pickled ginger and a cup of Japanese green tea :-)
You need to freeze the raw salmon for 24 hours at -20 degree celsius before you can use the salmon. It is easy to cut the salmon into slices when it is still frozen.
Additional Comments:
Just as I was running dry of ideas for a quick dinner, my Significant Other requested to eat Japanese. Hmmm…. Japanese… surely it can’t be made in a quick time. Then I got the idea from Steak ‘n’ Sushi restaurant’s menu called Chaos. Basically the dish “Chaos” is a big bowl of rice topped with ingredients such as raw salmon slices, etc. That is quite easy to make. We made two portions for dinner – one for my Significant Other and one for me. So I called our dish “Double Chaos” :-). Unfortunately, J was too tired to join us, as he only had one nap today. Thus, he went to bed already at 6.30pm. But my Significant Other and I could enjoy our dinner just the two of us :-)

Try this dish. You will love it… if you love Japanese food! Notice that I have improvised by using brown rice, and in my portion, I have skipped the sugar (my Significant Other kept his). Hey, who says that sushi can’t be healthy with brown rice.
For those who live in Copenhagen and want to enjoy brown rice sushi, check this restaurant out (recommended by my friend, Fon).

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