Thursday 9 December 2010


J Summary (21M4D) - First time asked for diaper to be changed & tidying up messy rooms

First time asked for diaper to be changed

Last night, we heard J crying in the early morning about 5am. That's 1 hour earlier than his usual wake time, but the crying didn't stop and I went into his room. He was standing on the crib facing the door. Thought he had a nightmare, and took him out of the crib to hold him, but he wanted to walk. He led me to the bathroom. I realized that he wanted his diaper changed. When I put him on the changing station, he pointed straight to the stock of diapers, confirming again my guess. He had made a lot of pee, but this was the first time that he felt uncomfortable enough about it that he wanted it changed.

After changing the diaper, he made the hand sign for "eat" and said "zhao can" - breakfast in Mandarin. Thus, we started today very early with breakfast. He ate a hearty breakfast with 6 cubes of mixed beans and grains cereal and 2 banana. It could be that he had Chinese noodle soup for dinner last night - the half-Danish tummy didn't get full enough with noodle soup!!!

Today after dinner, J made the first move to throw the used kitchen towel into the bin without me asking. I was so pleasantly surprised. He also brought the cup to the kitchen sink willingly when asked.

Cleaning up

J made a mess of the bathroom and the bedroom with toys when Daddy took him for bed-time last evening and for this morning. I was almost sad when I entered the bedroom and depressed over my parenting failure for the past week. I should take all these in my stride, but some days are difficult.

Just at my lowest moment, something sweet happened... J remarked "Oh" when he saw his messy bedroom, and went straight to put back all the toys into the basket. After praising and thanking him for picking up his own toys, J went back to the bathroom to collect the plastic food toy one-by-one back to his bedroom and place them on his desk. Thus, J spent the bed-time routine today picking up toys, and only played a little later. He was happy that I read him a book towards the end. So it all ended well in the end. God knows just how much I could take. At the down moment, just want to thank God for the sweet encouragement from J that came just at the right time. I know it doesn't always happen this way, thus I really thank God for it.

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