Friday 3 December 2010


Keep a watch on materialism

Being a Singaporean, I love to have HUGE flat screen TV to create a home entertaining theatre. When our old chunky TV decided to retire last year, it is our chance to get a flat screen TV. However, my Significant Other is not keen on having huge flat screen TV. He thinks that it is too flashy and a show-off. So I listened to his wishes and we bought this small size flat screen TV.

Recently, he began to change his mind and said that if we buy a bigger flat screen TV, we can put our current flat screen TV for use in our bedroom instead.

Yipee, I should be very happy that I will soon be getting my dream HUGE flat screen TV!

But I said "NO".


There are many rich people in Denmark. I know of an elderly couple, whose husband watches TV in his own TV room, and the wife watches her favourite TV program in her own TV room. They are married... but this is not the kind of marriage I aspire to have.

I also know another rich elderly couple near where we live. They each have their own study room. The husband will spend time in his studyroom/office and the wife will spend time in her own study room/office. They live under the same roof, but I wonder how often they get to see each other. They are married and stayed married... but this is also not kind of marriage I aspire to have.

We do not have this problem, as we do not have the money to own a big house. Sometimes, it is a blessing not to be rich.

"Do not wear yourself out to get rich; have the wisdom to show restraint." - Proverbs 23:4

I will make-do with the current flatscreen TV until the day it stops working... even if it lives to a ripe old age to qualify to be a dinosaur. I will resist the temptation to be materialistic and get another BIG, sleek, ultra-thin flat screen TV... for the sake and health of our marriage.

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