Friday 3 December 2010


Don’t leave home without giving each other a hug and saying a little prayer

It has been our tradition for the past 8 years that every morning before stepping out of the main door, we will give each other a hug and say a little prayer for each other. It makes me feel very loved when we parted each morning each on our way to work. Years from now, the main door will bring back lots of sweet memories.

Usually, I pray that God will grant my Significant Other journey mercy and keep him safe in the traffic. We commit our day to God, and pray that God will give my Significant Other and me a fruitful and productive day at work. We pray for strength and energy for the day. I pray for our family in Denmark and he prays for our family in Singapore.

That’s it. So out the door and off we go… to work to work!

If you don't know what to pray, or can't find the words to pray, here are some good books:

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