Saturday 4 December 2010


Raw Pepper Bells/Peber Frugt/番椒[ fān jiāo]

Preparation and cooking time: 5 minutes

1. Wash, rinse and chop
2. Combine with the classic Chinese dipping sauce and serve as a side dish

For babies:
From 10 months. Puree the red pepper raw, serve and freeze the rest in the ice-cube tray. Can keep up to 8 weeks. For older babies, simply serve as finger food without the chinese sauce.

Nutritional Value:
Red peppers are also an excellent source of vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin B6. They are a very good source of fiber, folate, and vitamin K as well as the minerals molybdenum and manganese. They also contain the beneficial phytonutrients lycopene, lutein and zeaxanthin.

Additional Information:
When I am very hungry and can't wait to make food, this really serve as a delicious and healthy quick snack. Combine it with the classic Chinese sauce, and it tastes superb! Can use as a side side for a quick dinner after work, if I am stressed to make food.

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