Tuesday 7 December 2010


Home-made Chocolate/Chokolade/巧克力 [qiǎo kè lì]

Preparation and Cooking Time: 1 minute

- 1 tsp of real pure cacoa nibs
- 1 handful of real hazelnuts (10 - 12)
- 1 tsp of organic hazelnut butter
- 1 dried date

Mix together and blend in a mini-blender for a few seconds. Enjoy your “homemade” and healthy chocolate.

Additional Information:
After making my own chocolate drink, I was thinking... hey, why not try to make my own chocolate. I didn’t think that I will succeed, but no harm trying. This was my first attempt and it was one of those few times that I hit it right right away! Thus, I hurried to type down the proportions before I forget. It doesn’t look as nice as the commercial chocolate, but it tastes just as good and way healthier, without any food preservatives. Now I can snack on my chocolate without feeling too guilty :-)

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