Saturday 11 December 2010


J Summary (21M6D) - J listened with 100% attention to the Singapore's National Anthem & the National Pledge

This evening after lights-off, I sang the Singapore's National Anthem and the National Pledge as lullabies at bed-time, and also recited them as nursery rhymes. I was amazed to see how J listened with so much attentiveness and with prolonged attentiveness. He had never paid so much attention to anything before... (such as the Tang dynasty poems that I so much hope that he would!) as he did today to the Singapore's National Anthem and National Pledge. I wonder how long this would last.

This gives me yet another idea - I should start reciting the Tang dynasty poems in darkness at bed-time in order to get full attention from J, as there is no other distractions around.

It gives me yet another idea: I should also start reciting bible verses to J in darkness.

This method requires memorization as I could not read in darkness, and thus I have to commit everything to memory. I am also amazed at how motivated I am to memorize them for J.

I am going to add this idea to my previous post: What to do if your toddler doesn't like books or nursery rhymes?

P.S.: I felt a lump in my throat as I sang the Singapore's Anthem and the National Pledge to J that I just managed to contain my emotions and tears. Strangely, this had never happened to me when I was living in Singapore. Perhaps I am romantisizing about Singapore... but I do am truly aware of all its imperfections... Being away from home does perhaps make the heart fonder...

Oh J, how as a toddler, you always bring comfort to mommy, when mommy is far away from home...

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