Friday 3 December 2010


Create a "Memory Wall" with pictures of just the two of you

As you take lots of pictures of your kids, don't forget to also take lots of pictures of just the two of you together too. Then find a discreet wall area to put them up. If your kids are old enough, you can ask them to help you to take the pictures of mommy and daddy too :-)

Here are a couple of things to consider based on my experience:

1. Be selective and pick just one or two pictures a year to put on the wall. You want the wall space to last many years before you outgrow the space.

2. Unless you are the super creative kind (which I am probably not), try to pick only similar size pictures, as this will make the wall looks neater.

If your spouse is into handi-craft work, then take this project together and walk along memory lane together as you work to put this wall together. If your spouse is not the handy type, don't force it.

Do not include pictures of your kids on this wall though. You are not married to them.

In good times, look at the pictures and savour the precious memories. In not so good times, let the pictures remind you of the good times, and help you to renew your commitment for each other.

Where on earth, you ask, do I find wall space enough for these pictures?

It can be behind the sliding door, behind the wardrobe doors, behind the bedroom door, behind the store room door or even behind the toilet door :-)

Our wall pictures begin with the pictures taken from one of our first dates in Singapore 10 years ago to YTD... well almost YTD. That reminds me, I better go and update the recent pictures now :-)

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