Friday 3 December 2010


Steam some vegetables the cheapo Chinese way

How do you save time without resorting to complicated and expensive chunky modern steamers that take up space in the kitchen and are equally complicated to clean and wash?

Here is a simple and cheapo Chinese way. While cooking rice, steam some vegetables along with it by placing the vegetables in a steaming rack (that comes together with the rice cooker).

This rice cooker is my good old friend - it is cheap, reliable and does it work very well and efficiently. It helps me to save time and money too, as the same amount of electricity is used to cook the rice as well as to steam the vegetables.

In approximately half an hour, you will have 2 dishes ready - the rice and the vegetables, and even better automatically without doing any work! I use frozen vegetables, which saves me even more time! I only need to prepare a sauce for the steam vegetables and another meat dish in the mean time. Thus, in half an hour, 3 dishes + 1 sauce would be ready :-)

Today for dinner, all in 30 minutes I made:

1. Brown rice with quinoa
2. Steam mixed vegetables - broccoli, cauliflowers, carrots and green peas
3. Chinese steam salmon with ginger
4. Chinese oatmeal sauce (left-over from the other day)

I bought this from Tangs Departmental store in Singapore, but it is also sold in Denmark nowadays.

Compared with the advanced and fanciful electric rice cookers my friends use in Asia, this is considered a dinosaur...haha... but it is the cheapest I found in Tangs and it serves its purpose.

Some rice cookers don't come with steamers. Do get those with a steamer and it helps you to multi-task when you are cooking your rice. Here are some rice cookers from amazon that come with steamers:

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