Friday 3 December 2010


Treat your spouse as the other child in the home

When J was a couple of months old, I attended a Danish baby exercise class at APA, and at the end of the exercise class, all the mothers and babies would sit together for 30 minutes with the instructor to discuss the challenges of having a baby.

The instructor told us that it is a very common problem that when a baby comes along, the wife tends to neglect the husband and warned us against it. This is because the baby is very helpless and requires so much of our attention, whereas the husband is a grown up and can take care of himself.

She suggested a way to solve it. She said that it is a good idea to treat your hubby as THE OTHER CHILD at home. This will help you to provide an equal amount of care and attention to him as you give to the baby.

What she said made a lasting image in my mind.

So here is a picture of the two babies in our home - Daddy and J :-)

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