Friday 3 December 2010


Take on a joint project together

This is an work-of-art made by my Significant Other :-)

My Significant Other and I both have interest in interior design and we take on interior design projects together. It is a lot of work, but also great fun, especially when you see the results of all your hard work when it is finally done :-)

The first and second projects, our first and second walk-in wardrobes, 7 and 3 years ago were designed and drawn up by me (2-dimensions), and built by my Significant Other.

The current project, our third walk-in wardrobe-cum-bedroom is designed by my Significant Other. This time in a 3-dimension drawn-to-scale model by my Significant Other as seen above. It will be built by a professional handyman.

And my role in this project?

I give a lot of praises, encouragements... and most importantly, I give the executive director approval ha ha... :-)

In a joint project, whether one takes the leading role or the supporting role, it is very important to give lots of praises and encouragements to the other person for the work done.

This skill is very important in any relationship. The skill i learned is also put to very good use at work when managing people. This skill is also crucial in child care and development.

Learning to coach, encourage and praise is not an easy skill to learn for me. By nature, I am very critical and have very high standard for myself. This quest for high standards sometimes spill over as expections to those around me, especially towards my loved ones.

My Significant Other used to say that if there is a black spot on a white wall he painted, i will be concentrating on the black spot!!! It is thus by the grace of God that He is still molding me in this challenging area and helping me improve everyday.

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