Friday 3 December 2010


Pray for your marriage

How to show care and love to your spouse on a practical manner? Pray for him or her.

In your time alone, or when couch time fails to take place... perhaps due to the pressures of life, there are a lot of things on your spouse's mind, take those times to pray for your spouse and let God meet your relational need.

What to pray for?

Sometimes I don’t know what to pray for…, or if I know what to pray for, I just can’t find the words. This book provides many inspirations on what to pray for your husband. There is also another book called “The Power of a Praying Husband”.

Of course, the good thing is that God already knows what you need, so you don’t have to worry about finding the words for it. But actually the words in the prayers are also for myself… to learn a new lesson or if it is something I already know… then as a reminder for myself. Thus, whenever I can and have the time, I like to find the words for my prayers.

Here is one of my regular prayers for my Significant Other… with some inspiration from the book :-)

“Dear God, I pray that You will be the basis of our marriage and that You will protect our marriage from any harm or the pressures of life. Shield it from our own selfishness and neglect. Set us free from unrealistic expectations of each other. Let nothing come into our hearts and habits that would threaten our marriage in any way. Unite us in a bond of love, friendship, commitment, generosity and understanding. Help us to make time for each other alone, to nurture and renew the marriage. I pray that my Significant Other will be committed to you, that his commitment to us will never waiver, no matter what storms come or what difficulties life can throw at us. I pray that our love for each other will grow stronger each and every day. I commit my Significant Other and I, and our marriage into your loving hands. In Jesus’ most victorious name I pray, Amen.”

In our marriage, I stress a lot on prayer. Why? Don’t be too over-confident. When times are good, I humble myself and seek God’s continual help and blessings in our marriage. When times are not so good, I run to God in prayers.

And also because God commands us to “in all your ways acknowledge Him”- Proverbs 3:6 … and this includes marriage.

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